Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We are sure that you will find the solutions and services you want! That is why, in CleverPPC does not apply any commitment to stay.

So you can unsubscribe at any time.

Are there any additional costs?

Of course, NOT!

The monthly fee for each package includes all operating expenses of CleverPPC and unlimited use of the tool (within the limits of the plan).

Is there technical support?

Yes! We are committed to giving our customers the best possible tech support!

Any technical issues regarding our tools will be resolved within 48 hours. In case that we are not able to resolve your problem, CleverPPC will return you the affected days.

How to configure the tool?

Each of our tools offers explanatory video, which guides you through the steps of the initial configuration.

If a configuration problem appear, do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact form on our website. We will be glad to help you. We promise to answer within 12h!

How the Refund Works?

Something has gone wrong? This is not what you expected?

If at this point, you think that the best option is the refund, it is because we have not been able to keep our commitments.

Therefore you will be refunded immediately the amount requested by the payment method you have used.

Can I change my plan anytime?

Of course, you can!

It is simple. You need only to contact us! Within 24 hours your account will be running with the features of the new plan.

Did we solve your problem?