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Increase your profits up to



Based on dimensions, helps you to understand your bet in the marketing easily, so you can adjust your bids for each period or each marketing situation.


Based on your business conversion metrics, it manages to find the real “gold mines” by squeezing every penny and becoming the worst enemy of your SEM competitors.


View your accounts globally, adequately govern every detail and modify your aggressiveness to reach the best results.

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Bid Optimization management tool

We are good because we are focused on SEM

We are a young dynamic team of professionals. Some of us have many years of experience in PPC campaigns, while others come from other technology sectors. This allows us to have different perspectives and sets us apart.

Our marketing team understands the needs of the different sectors and delivers outstanding results for our clients!

Main features

  • Global view

    Do not let anything to slip away, manage all your accounts from above, compare your results in different countries or in different languages.

  • Automatic bid management

    Our tool never rests and never gives up. It works to find the point of maximum efficiency in each of your keywords.

  • Adjust your CPA and Budget

    Get the CPA that best suits to your business expectations, forget to check your account every day and plan target budgets.

  • Advanced key performance metrics

    We combine different metrics to reach KPI’s that allow us to make better decisions.

  • Development

    We will never stop growing and improving. Our tools get frequent updates with new improvements and abilities. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to contact us!