Be Fast

Create lots of Campaigns



Capture data

Through our system we collect all relevant keywords and data from your business. By using parallel sectors, we enlarge the data and provide semantic information

Work out

We decompose and rearrange all relevant keywords by fundamental dimensions (sectors) for your business in order to create all possible logical combinations with their best bid


Ads and Ad Groups on granular tailor-made structure, the best scenario for optimization! You will get the best results even in the worst circumstances

Video Demo

SEM campaigns Creation tool

Innovation and technology available to everyone

We incorporate innovative PPC concepts such as the concept of dimensions, which allows us to extract information even in cases with very few statistics.

The engineering language and neural network technology, facilitate the creation of super powerful tool that allows you to create campaigns in few minutes.

The result: Technology and innovation made ​​available to any user

Main features

  • Strategy

    The new users of CleverCreator are able to use any of our pre-configured sectors. We possess thousands of diverse sectors which will allows you to work on a business model that fits perfectly to your needs in creating campaigns.

  • Concept

    Thanks to CleverCreator you will create campaigns quickly and efficiently for all pages of your website.

  • Development

    An innovative concept of CleverCreator is the Macro Synonyms which allow us to semantically group the miniKeywords. This empowers Endless possibilities in creating clever campaigns.

  • Optimization

    In order to enhance the optimization, CleverCreator combines the dimensions of your business. In this way generates millions of keywords, tailored to your product catalog, in a dynamic, flexible and 100% automated way.

  • Control

    Receive monthly reports that will allow you to keep an exhaustive control of your business and increase your rentability.